HOMELUX Electric Bain Marie ( Six Pans) HBEH-6


SKU: 256239

Warranty Type: Manufacturer Warranty

Warranty Duration: 6 months

Product Discerption : Electric Bain Marie ( Six Pans)

Item Code : HBEH-6 - 256239

Way To Use : Suitable for many kinds or warming food locations such as breakfast shop, restaurant, dining hall, snack shop and etc….

Features: - 6 Pot and Individual lid (fit to pan tightly, prevent food from being polluted)
                - Non-move foot (good material, non-slip, anti-friction and can place on any table)
                - Indication light (user-friendly indication light)
                - Thermostat knob (easy operation)
                - Thickened pan (can contain food for a long time without deformation)
                - Full stainless steel body (good quality, strong and durable)
                - Easy to release water inside the container

Size : 69cm x 58cm x 26cm

Colour : Origin

Material: Stainless Steel

Product From : Malaysia

Brand : Homelux

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