About Us

Welcome to ONG PLAS KITCHENWARE, your trusted one-stop commercial kitchenware supplier. Our story began in year 1992, founded by the founder Mr. Wang Yunshui in Bukit Gami Town, Lirang District, State of Johor, Malaysia. Initially, our company focused on selling household plastic items, cooking kitchenware and small hardware.

In the process of gradual development, we upheld the belief of pursuing better and more affordable products. In year 1998, we launched the first "RM2 Specialty Store". We direct import various of small commodities and work closely with local manufacturers to get the best price. This move rapidly made us a well-known "RM2 specialty store" in Tangkak and Muar.

In year 2008, with the pressure of inflation, we once again adjusted our business model, retained some of the classic RM2 products, at the same time, we introduced more price option products to meet customers need in their daily lives. Our product range is extensive, includes plastic supplies, small hardware, cooking utensils, stationery, cleaning products, food, gifts, potted supplies, children's toys and etc.

With accumulated another ten years of experience, in year 2018, we changed our business model to become more professional and focused on one-stop commercial kitchenware. As at year 2023, we have 2 branches in Johor, 3 branches in Malacca, and 1 branch each in Negeri Sembilan and Kelantan, for a total of 7 branches.
Our mission and vision
Our mission is to "provide customers with the most cost-effective products and to promote the development of Malaysia catering industry." We strongly believe that by providing our customers with high-quality commercial kitchenware, we can contribute to the success of the catering industry, thus achieving our vision: "Malaysia's catering industry starts with us".

Our culture
By "fast, firm, accurate, and results-oriented", to satisfied customer needs. For the growth of the company, with the effectiveness and efficiency work attitude to complete work accurately to ensure that the company can fast respond to market changes and competitive pressures.

If you are looking for a reliable commercial kitchenware supplier, ONG PLAS KITCHENWARE will be your ideal choice. We are committed to provide cost-effective products and to promote the prosperity of Malaysia's catering industry.

欢迎来到 ONG PLAS KITCHENWARE, 您可信赖的一站式商用厨具供应商。我们的故事始于 1992年, 由创办人王云水先生在马来西亚柔佛州礼让县武吉甘密镇创立. 最初, 我们公司专注于销售家庭塑料用品、烹饪厨具和小五金。

在逐渐发展的过程中, 我们秉持着追求更好、更实惠的信念, 于 1998年启动了第一家 “两块钱专卖店”, 转向直接进口各类小商品, 并与本地厂家建立紧密联系, 以获得最优惠的价格。这一举措迅速让我们成为东甲县与麻坡县家喻户晓的 “两块钱专卖店”。

2008年, 随着通货膨胀的压力, 我们再次调整了经营模式, 保留了一部分经典的两块钱商品, 同时引入了更多价格选择的商品, 以满足客户在日常生活中的多样需求。我们的产品范围广泛,包括塑料用品、小五金、烹饪厨具、文具、清洁用品、食品、礼品、盆栽用品、儿童玩具等等。

再一次的十年经验累积, 到了 2018年, 我们再次转变模式, 更专业、更专注于一站式商用厨具。截止 2023年,我们在柔佛州拥有 2家分店, 马六甲州有 3家分店, 森美兰州和吉兰丹州各有 1家分店, 共计 7间分店。

我们的使命是 “为客户提供最具性价比的产品, 促进马来西亚餐饮业的蓬勃发展”。我们坚信通过为客户提供高品质的商用厨具, 我们能够促进餐饮业的成功, 从而实现我们的愿景 : “马来西亚的餐饮业从我们这里开始”。

我们的文化以 “快、狠、准, 结果为导向” 为特点。对客户我们以高效、果断的态度为客户提供满意的解决方案。对公司我们以迅速的决策, 快速的处理, 准确的完成工作, 以确保公司能够快速应对市场变化以及竞争压力。

如果您正在寻找可靠的商用厨具供应商, ONG PLAS KITCHENWARE 将成为您的理想选择。我们致力于提供高性价比的产品, 以推动马来西亚餐饮业的繁荣发展。