HOMELUX Stainless Steel Double Burner (Whirlwind) HPS-1605


SKU: 256074

Supplier Warranty: 6 months

Product Discerption : Stainless Steel Double Burner (Whirlwind)

Item Code : HPS-1605 - 256074

Way To Use : Suitable For Household, Canteen, Catering, Cafeteria and Else

Size : 69.5cm x 40cm x 15cm

Features: - Supporting Secondary Air Flow And Rotation Combustion
                - The combustion More Efficient
                - 25.5° Angle Whirlwind Fire, The Fire is Powerful And Rapidly
               - Unlimited Heating Area
               - Thermal Effiency is up to 73% Super Powers - Shutter Form Hidden Design, Fire Hole is Not Blocked.
               - Removable Intergrated Burner, Safe and Easy To Clean

Colour : Origin

Material : Stainless Steel

Product From : Malaysia

Brand : Homelux

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