HOMELUX Gas Deep Fryer Double Tank HBGF-72


SKU: 256163

Warranty Type: Manufacturer Warranty

Warranty Duration: 6 months

Product Discerption : Gas Deep Fryer Double Tank

Item Code : HBGF-72 - 256163

Capacity : 6Liter + 6Liter

Way to use: fried chicken tempura, chips, dough, shrimp, spring roll and etc.

Features: - Heavy duty stainless steel for commercial applications
                - Fryer basket with plastic handle for safe opertation
                - All stainless steel body, high efficiency stainless steel thermal pipe
               - Basketed with special hook, the basket can be placed one the inner bowl, easy for oil filtration
               - High quality heating element, the temperature increase very fast
               - Detachable basket handle.
Size: 58cm x 52cm x 46cm

Net Weight: 16kg

Colour : Origin

Material: Stainless Steel

Product From : Malaysia

Brand : Homelux

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