Homelux Portable 2in1 Cassette Grill HPB-6006B


SKU: 256

Warranty Type: Manufacturer Warranty

Warranty Duration: 6 Months

Stove Type: Gas

Dimension (L x W x H): 39.4 x 22.8 x 12cm

Portable Infrared Cassette Grill HPB-6006B

* Infrared Grill

* Easy To Use

* Exclusive And Attractive Design

* Flat Bottom Design Make Below Surface Stable To Put At Anywhere

* Can Use At Kitchen As Well

* Easy To Handling At Indoor Or Outdoor

* Different Type Of Portable Gas Stove Due To Using InfraRed Grill

* Automatic Safety Switch

* Piezo Electric Ignition

* Gas Leakage Protection Device

* Individual Control Knob For Maximum Heat Regulation

* Ideal For Outdoor And Drafty Area Use

* Suitable For All Portable Gas

* QC Tested

* 6 Months Local Supplier Warranty

* Gas Type : Butane Gas

* Fuel Consumption : 150g/hr

* Power : 2.1KW

* Safety Features : Safety Shut-Off Device

* Weight : 2.6KG/Pc

* Dimension : 39.4cm x 22.8cm x 12cm

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